Miss Eufaula Pageant

  March 10, 2018

Opening number attire

Tiny and Little:  will be in their heirloom gowns ready for evening competition.  

Petite:  will be in their evening gowns ready for competition.

Junior, Teen and Miss: Any combination of black and white/cream in pants and blouse with pearls  (the theme is Miss Eufaula gone Classic ) .


Rehersal dates and times are posted under "important dates".

Please be sure to practice the walk and turns.  This will help the rehearsals run smoother and help you feel more confident on-stage.

Bring your pageant shoes to practice each time!


Tiny and Little Miss contestants NO MAKEUP for photos, interviews or pageant. Soft lipgloss only is allowed. 

When choosing an outfit remember only from your shoulder and up will be seen in the photo.  Photo's will be submitted to  judges in color. 

In an effort to keep the girls on a level playing field and save the parents money, photographs will be taken by Billy Andrews Photography.  The sitting fee is $35.00, which is due the day of the photo shoot. This will include your choice of (1) 5 x 7 color photo and Billy will give me photo's for the program on a CD.   You can then contact the photographer to order your 5 x 7 to be turned in for judging and choose any photo's you would like to have put on your ad pages.  This will be emailed to [email protected] so we have a digital copy. 

Deadline is February 20th.  His phone number is 334-687-7457.

Interview Preparation

The following is a general list of things to think about for your interview.  This applies to all ages. 

An interview should flow like a conversation so help your daughter be familiar with her application.  Be sure to keep a copy of it for yourself.  She needs to be familiar with what is on it and how to answer questions that judges might pull from it but not have such rehearsed answers that she sounds as if you fed it to her.  Please talk to them about what they love about Eufaula, favorite place to eat, favortite place to go whether that is the bowling alley with friends or to one our many cute gift shops shopping with mom or a favorite hunting camp nearby with dad.

  • Posture/carriage upon entrance
  • Introduces self appropriately
  • Approaches chair/ waits to be seated
  • Posture in chair - sit up straight. 
  • Hesitate too long before answering/speaking --the answer is only "right" if you answer honestly and your answer is as if you are in a conversation with a friend. 
  • Answers are complete (more than yes/no)
  • Coaxed? meaning Do the judges have to pull stuff out of you???? Do they have to keep adding to the question in order for you to give a complete answer.
  • Communication Skills
  • Prepared-- Too prepared-"coached"
  • Fidgets/wiggles in chair too much
  • Smile/attitude
  • Performs task upon request (cheers, sings, etc...)
  • Knowledge of Bio. Sheet---- Not word for word !!!! 
  • Appearance of Portfolio
  • Exits appropriately

Tiny & Little Miss Application

For the Tiny & Little Miss Application, try to use complete sentences and make it sound like she is talking, not an adult.  For example:

Favorite Food:  I love my mommy's homemade chocolate pudding!

Favorite Movie:  "Freaky Friday" is really cool because I would love to be able to change places with my mom. 

Also-- get somebody to proof for spelling and grammatical errors!